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Ilana Posner, Certified Life Coach & MSW Intern

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Niche: Stress, Anxiety & Women's Mental Health 

Ilana Posner is currently finishing her MSW at the University of Maryland. Ilana brings a unique set of clinical skills that encompasses health and well being through a mental health lens. Ilana has experience working with the aging population, individuals struggling with quarter life crisis, and women seeking to enhance their coping skills for stress and anxiety. 


When you’re going through a challenging time and are looking to experience change, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed by everything you “should” be doing to achieve your goals. Ilana strongly believes that “small hinges swing big doors”. Change happens incrementally, not overnight. It requires small steps which can ultimately lead to big results.


Ilana is a certified Life Coach since 2018 and has completed the famous trauma training The Body Keeps the Score as well as Substance Use CEU's. Using a holistic approach, Ilana incorporates techniques like Motivational Interviewing (MI), mindfulness, reframing, normalization, and validation to meet you where you are on your journey. Her style is eclectic, as she pulls from CBT, and holistic work; seeing the client as a whole versus symptoms. She will work collaboratively with you to identify your inherent strengths and empower you to use them in moving toward the life you deserve.

Ilana has appointment availability

She is out of network and sliding scale only!

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