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Darlene Greer, LGPC
Niche: Postpartum, Disordered Eating & Anxiety

D.G headshot.jpg

My goal is to help you navigate the challenges of life’s circumstances, and partner with you to develop the tools needed to heal and thrive.  The situations and events in our lives do not determine who we are, but the way in which we thoughtfully respond to them allows us to grow. I have been helping those in crisis since 2011 through a variety of settings. 

Through my academic journey, I've gained experience in working with children as well as adults struggling with PTSD. I utilize a variety of clinical skills to assist you including CBT, mindfulness, acceptance and commitment, and solution focused therapy. I've received clinical training in Postpartum Depression & Anxiety, PTSD and Disordered Eating. Prior to my clinical experience, I've worked as a former residential counselor for Deaf adults and spent over a decade as a certified yoga instructor. Everyone’s journey is unique, and I believe that a trusting therapeutic relationship is crucial to continued progress.

As a mother, military spouse, yoga and Pilates instructor, and former residential counselor for adults, I understand that there are many paths to wellness. Having spent over a decade as a military spouse and moving around the country, I want to continue to support our veteran community and their loved ones. This is especially important given the unique aspects of military life, which can put additional stressors on wellness and mental health. Outside of Lotus, I like spending time with my family (2 dogs and 2 cats included), having adventures on the water, and laughing with loved ones!

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