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Luke Hudson, Therapist, LMSW, CSC-AD
Niche: Addiction, Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, EMDR & Quarterlife/Midlife Crisis

“Darkness, the one thing we all understand” - Anastasio/Marshall

“Out of the darkness comes light like a flash” - Matthews

These two quotes can sum up the beauty of therapy. They tell us that we are not alone and that the struggles we face can be turned into our greatest assets! Our issues consume energy, a lot of it. What if we were able to transform that energy into something desirable?

Delving into our thoughts and feelings takes courage but can also shed new light!  Therapy allows us to do this with the key ingredient: Confidentiality.  Luke aims to provide a safe and trusting environment allowing the client to find their own solutions.  Using a person-centered approach, he truly believes that “the client is the expert in their own life.”  He wants to be a complementary force for positive change and increased resiliency.

He has worked in the clinical field for 8 years and has been a licensed Social Worker for 4 years.  He’s worked in multiple inpatient and outpatient addiction recovery centers and as a school counselor for children with disabilities. Luke joined Lotus Psychotherapy in 2020 and has thoroughly enjoyed working one-on-one with clients from various backgrounds.

Luke is certified by Trauma Specialists of Maryland to utilize EMDR.  EMDR is a trauma treatment that can address several issues including addiction, depression, and anxiety.

In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, traveling, playing disc golf, cooking, reading, and playing and listening to music.

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