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Maggie Forester Miller, Therapist LCPC
Niche: Addiction, young adults, relationships, trauma, EMDR, anxiety & depression

Brave people take that courageous step to make changes in their lives. My job is to create a safe space to welcome you as you take that step. I believe that humans have the capacity to heal and grow. My approach in therapy is to partner with you in a collaborative, non-judgmental way to help you do just that. I work with individuals to develop tools to manage times of transition. Usually, it is from these uncomfortable times in life that tremendous growth occurs. Together we will discover strategies to manage and move beyond your discomfort with increased self-awareness. The bottom line is that this is your journey, and I am humbled to walk with you during this time of self-discovery.

I approach therapy from a mind/body/spirit conception of wellness, using an integrative treatment methodology that is based on a client’s needs. Some of the treatment theories that I draw on include cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral, acceptance and commitment (ACT), strengths based, trauma informed, and mindfulness. My areas of focus include:



Life changes, transitions, stages

Substance use challenges


Relationship concerns


Grief and Loss

I recently relocated to Annapolis from Pennsylvania to be near the water! There is nothing that I enjoy more than being with my family, losing myself in a good book (I have been part of a book club that has read more than 225 books together!), practicing yoga, and being outdoors!

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