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Rachael Pawlowski, Therapist, LMSW
Niche: Adolescents/Young Adults, Grief, Addiction, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Postpartum

What happens when you’re unable to express yourself, resulting in feeling stuck or alone? As your therapist, Rachael will guide you through the process of self-discovery and healing and propel a deeper understanding of self.


Rachael uses a variety of frameworks to support her clients: mindfulness, psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral approach (CBT), EMDR, and empowerment. Rachael’s areas of focus include anxiety and depression, grief and loss, addictive behaviors/addiction, and perinatal.


Since 2020, Rachael has worked as a social worker in a multitude of settings: hospitals, home-based, behavioral health clinic, methadone clinic, and virtual private therapy. When not working, Rachael enjoys gardening, sewing, and socializing.

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