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 Addiction & Recovery Support for Individuals and Families 

Drug and alcohol counseling or addiction therapy, differs from other types of counseling, as it involves a very specific assessment and treatment of substance abuse disorders.  With the high substance dependence rate in this country, being affected by higher levels of stress and increasing financial difficulties, it seems more than ever individuals, as well as families, are seeking help for their addicted loved ones. 


We are fortunate to receive a lot of referrals from local and statewide substance use facilities. Many of our clients are discharged with an understanding of the holistic approach: mind, body, spirit, and environment. We have had much more success when tailoring all these holistic elements to the specific needs of an individual. Our seasoned staff incorporates a holistic approach while using Motivational Interviewing, Family Interventionists, DBT, EMDR, and Relapse Planning. 

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