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Group Therapy


Group therapy allows clients to share and receive feedback from others who may be going through similar struggles. Our groups are limited to 6-7 people, allowing each person time to share and receive feedback from the facilitators and their peers. We carefully match facilitators to the group that best highlights their experience and education. 


When people are able to interact freely with other group members, they tend to recreate the same patterns that have proved troublesome to them outside of the group. The group therapy environment provides a protected environment to experiment with new and alternative ways of treating yourself and others that may be more helpful. Often people feel they are unrelatable because of their problems or the way they feel; it is encouraging to hear that other people have similar difficulties, and can grow past them.

Our current groups include:

  • "Plant the Seed"- Teen Substance Use & Abuse

  • "Not Your Mother's" Support Group for New Moms

  • "No Matter What"- Adult Relapse Prevention

  • "Let's Unpack That"- Family and Relationship Improvement

  • Teen Art Therapy

  • Family Wellness & Addiction 

To learn more about our groups, you can click on the link to the groups above.  Please feel free to reach out with any questions or to enroll: or call 443-569-3228

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