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Toyosi Alomaja, LCMFT 
Niche:  adolescents/young adults, emerging adult women & couples 


Toyosi is a couple and family therapist with a solution-focused approach to helping individuals and couples work through life’s difficulties. She is committed to being the bridge for others in helping them understand themselves and being able to voice those inner thoughts and feelings to others.  With almost 4 years as a couple and family therapist, she strongly believes the family and background you come from greatly shapes both your thoughts on life as well as your behaviors and actions. 


She uses a collaborative approach with clients to develop skills, strategies and knowledge as they grow confidence in themselves and their ability to tackle whatever challenge they are currently facing. Toyosi enjoys working with emerging adults looking to navigate their transition into adulthood and women of color who desire a place to work through race-related issues and grow in their empowerment and confidence in themselves. 


Her areas of expertise include working with adolescent, young adult women and couples. She is also skilled in parent-child conflict in adolescence as well as couple’s pre-marital and relationship counseling. Additionally, she provides faith-based therapy to those who desire it. With a degree from the University of Maryland, she utilizes cognitive-behavioral therapy and Emotion-Focused Therapy with couples. 


Toyosi is a Nigerian American and enjoys fashion, adventures, and ice cream.


You can contact us to schedule with Toyosi. !

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