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Group Therapy


This support group is for individuals who have a family member or significant other struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction. Addiction is commonly referred to as a “family disease.” A person suffering from addiction not only negatively impacts their own life but also, the lives of those around them. Families of addicts often struggle to cope with their loved ones’ addictive behaviors and find themselves struggling with feelings of guilt, shame, anxiety, and anger.

Our family support group provides a protected environment where loved ones can work through feelings with others who have shared experiences under the guidance of an experienced therapist. Group members will have time to express concerns, ask questions, and share progress about the effect the abuse of substances has had on their family. Our therapists will also educate group members on topics like codependency, reducing enabling behaviors, how to create and maintain healthy boundaries, and self-care.


This group is led by a Lotus therapist, Amanda Hayden, LCSW-C, her niche is life's stressors and families. She 

  • This group meets in person at 588 Bellerive Drive, Suite 1D Annapolis, MD 21409

  • The group meets other Tuesday at 5 pm

  • We can bill your insurance or if you prefer self-pay, it is $50/Group

To register or inquire further get in touch with us directly

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