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Tom Goodwin, MA, LCPC, LCADC

Niche - Adults, Couples, and Families


During his  35 years in the counseling field, supporting people in overcoming the challenges that life has thrown their way,Tom has learned that it takes a whole lot of courage to try to find the right person to provide the help you’re looking for at this time in your life.


In his case, he has always considered it to be an honor when he is asked to provide such support, as he sees it, to overcome barriers, whether short-term or long-term, that have gotten in the way of hopes, dreams and goals. As life is complex these days, and occasionally incredibly overwhelming, it is important to have a “safe space” where one can go and catch a breath and feel more connected inwardly.  They are then much better at identifying the things they need to do to move forward in their lives.


Tom has also found, without exception, that everyone brings to the table amazing talents and strengths used in overcoming the challenges they have been facing, and that they need to be acknowledged.


In terms of the barriers toward a “happy life” such as mood, trauma, and addictive disorders, adjustment to life changes, and challenges within marital and general family relationships, it has been found that people first and foremost progress with support that is consistently understanding and compassionate, with a focus on strengths and self-care. Additionally, they can often benefit from research supported ideas and specific “tools” that can be recommended, in the context of measurable, doable objectives. In short, in the context of a “Person-Centered Plan”. 

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