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Melissa Thompson, LCSW-C
Niche: LGBTQIA, adolescents/young adults, EMDR

Melissa spent the first decade of her career in Baltimore City Public Schools which armed her with a wealth of knowledge and experience to best navigate our adolescents. With that said, there are a few presenting problems or family dynamics she hasn’t already seen. During these ten years, she began to understand what our children truly need, unconditional regard, acceptance, and safety. She obtained a second master’s degree in clinical social work and has embraced her transition from teaching to healing. She's worked as a school-based therapist as well as an outpatient therapist in a clinic setting.

She provides a supportive, nonjudgmental environment where clients can feel safe to share their stories and know they are being seen and heard. Using a holistic, client-centered approach, she helps folks find self-love, acceptance, and healthy ways to move through life transitions.


She uses a variety of clinical skills with children and encourages parents of young children to attend sessions as she models behavioral techniques they can implement at home. Lastly, she has a special place in my heart for all LGBTQIA teens as she believes only a skilled and seasoned therapist can truly understand the depth of their needs. She integrates a variety of DBT, ACT, CBT, attachment work, mindfulness, and trauma modalities. She hopes to become certified in sand tray play therapy!
Melissa has been a social worker and psychotherapist since 2017. She graduated from the University of Maryland with honors. Prior to that she taught and coached at the high school level. Outside of work, she enjoys coaching and spending time with her wife, dogs, friends, and family.

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