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Lindsay Holt, LMSW
Niche – couples and 20somethings- people going through transitional periods


We often look at what we have in our lives and tell ourselves that nothing’s wrong, while simultaneously feeling as though nothing is right. Feelings of uncertainty are common during periods of transitional life changes. While new beginnings are often viewed as exciting, they are also filled with doubt and the unknown. The what if's begin to creep in, and the future feels paralyzing. It is a scary place to be, and you don’t have to be there alone. Together, Lindsay helps her patients figure out ways of being freed from those unsettling feelings.


Lindsay's passion is in following people on their journey to self-discovery. She believes there is nothing more beautiful than finding who you truly are, what you genuinely love, and where you are comfortable being.


There is no easy way to ask for help; and she is so proud of you for being here! Let’s figure this life thing out, together.

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