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Group Therapy


Plant the Seed is a private group reserved for 8-10 adolescents (ages 15-17) who need  help untangling their substance misuse. Group is held every Thursday at The Refuge, facilitated by Allison Scarinzi LCSW-C. Our mission is to provide teens a combination of psychoeducation, recovery coaching, prevention awareness and life skills targeted to their needs. 


Why plant the seed? It's all about early prevention. Studies show that approximately 30% of teens who use marijuana and alcohol will meet the full criteria of substance use disorders as adults. This is why we need to plant the seed now because this statistic is constantly increasing. Our culture has normalized many addictive substances. Marijuana use is socially acceptable yet marijuana purchased without a medical card is often laced with fentanyl and other highly addictive and even deadly substances. We can't expect or assume that our teens are able to access the parts of the brain that permit judgment and reason. We can't guarantee outcomes but we promise to provide tools, coaching and education to prepare teens for their path. 


Additional information:

  • Group is 60 minutes long and most insurance is accepted. Self pay rate is $50 per group. 

  • UA's are not mandatory but per parent request, available for additional cost 

  • Contact our office to ensure that your teen is a good fit for this group 

  • We reserve this spot exclusively for your teen, please let us know if your teen is unable to attend with 24 hours notice

  • SUMMER SCHEDULE: Thursday's 2:00-3:00 PM and our SCHOOL SCHEDULE: Thursday's 4:00-5:00 PM

  • PLEASE NOTE: this group meets at 107 Ridgely Ave, Suite 13B in Annapolis

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