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Group Therapy


Peer pressure. Doing well in school. Family issues. Gender and sexuality questions. Drug and alcohol use. There are tons of reasons that teenagers feel emotional and become withdrawn from their family and friends.


Utilizing art therapy offers both the client and the counselor a unique visual portal into the thoughts and feelings that clients may be experiencing about themselves. This group is facilitated by a certified art therapist who will be present and available during the entire time the group is engaged in any and all art therapy techniques. Often clients will want to talk or process while they are drawing, and other times they may wish to draw in silence.

  • Group is every Saturday beginning 12/3

  • Group is in person from 10am-Noon at 588 Bellerive Dr. Suite 1D, Annapolis, MD 21409

  • Cost is $75 per group (includes art materials)

  • Sliding scale fee or scholarships may be available

To register or inquire further, please feel free to reach out to or call 443-569-3228

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